Pattaya (Thailand)

Genk (Belgium)

Aalst (Netherlands)

Zaltbommel (Netherlands)





From 1982 till 2010, we lived in different places in the Netherlands.

On the 24th of September 1982, we moved into the house on the Kloosterwiel 15 in Zaltbommel. This house was a hull house and we had to start from the bottom to furnish the house.



In 1988 we wanted a detached house, and looking around, we found an old farmhouse (from about 1675) in a village called Aalst, around 15 kilometres from Zaltbommel.
On the 24th of December 1988 we moved in and started to renovate the whole house.



In 2010 we decided to go to live in Belgium.

We sold the farmhouse in Aalst and in 2011 we moved to our 3th house in Genk, Belgium.






Between all that we got an condo in Pattaya, Thailand (Royal Cliff Garden) in 2003.




In 2007 we started with a Thai friend a guesthouse in Pattaya (Orienthouse) that we sold to him in the beginning of 2010.